Dr. jur. Ulrich Trost, Rechtsanwalt

Eschersheimer Landstrasse 42 / 190,   60322 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The law firm DR. TROST RECHTSANWÄLTE is headed by Dr. jur. Ulrich Trost.

Based on longstanding specialization, Dr. Ulrich Trost offers the following portfolio of services:

Consultancy services in national and international commercial law, specifically in the areas of equipment and plant engineering and contracting; international construction projects and industrial development projects; dealing with issues related to the automotive supplier industry and the life sciences industry; all legal aspects of negotiating and contracting international cooperations (e.g. consortiums); international sales, agency and distribution contracts;  securities in the  international economy (bank guarantees, letters of credit,  etc.).

In the area of legal advice, the law firm DR. TROST RECHTSANWÄLTE is mostly concerned with the provision of advice to middle-sized and major companies and entrepreneurs in the field of national and international commercial law.

Dr. Ulrich Trost has a long standing experience as arbitrator and legal counsel in national and international arbitration matters, all based on activity as Chairman, Arbitrator or Counsel in more than 50 proceedings so far that were administered by the ICC (F), DIS (D), NAI (NL), AAA (USA), CIETAC (PRC), that were conducted according to UNCITRAL Rules and/or ad hoc. 



Professional specialization:

  • National and international arbitration matters, serving as Counsel, Arbitrator or Chairman;
  • National and international commercial law, specifically in the areas of process equipment and plant engineering & contracting; BOT contracts; EPC contracts;
  • Legal issues inherent in international cooperation projects (consortiums, construction, development projects, project execution, claim management related thereto); Contracts etc. relating to the automotive supplier industry;
  • Contracts etc. relating to the life sciences industry;
  • Security interests in international business transactions, especially bank guarantee issues;
  • National and international sales contracts and sales systems;
  • National and international licenses;
  • Cooperation projects in the R&D sector;
  • IT contracts (short term and long term);
  • Theoretical and practical aspects of claim management in projects (national and international);

Currently the law firm employs three more attorneys. The firm maintains a professional network with colleagues and law firms in all important countries so that it can provide international representation if required.